Lodi Historical Society, Lodi, NY

The Lodi Historical Society was founded in 1973 after the merger of the Lodi Methodist Church with the Lodi Presbyterian Church. Ownership was transferred to the LHS for a nominal fee, and members of the fledgling organization spent most of the early days repairing the building and restoring the 1852 tracker organ, one of only three pre-Civil War organs in New York state.

As a result of this hard work, the Lodi Historical Building has been listed on the National and New York State Registers of Historic Places. The E. & G.G. Hook Organ No. 140 (1852) has been meticulously restored and was cited as an historic organ by the national Organ Historical Society in May 1999.

An entirely volunteer organization, the Historical Society has continued to maintain the building and to make improvements. The auditorium has wonderful acoustics and is an excellent setting for the visual and performing arts events held there each year.

In 2008 the Lodi Museum was begun when the Village of Lodi transferred its former offices to the LHS. The museum has grown to be a repository for donations from many current and former residents of Lodi. The Veteran’s Memorial in the front of the LHS building honors both Second World War veterans and those who have served since then.

The Lodi Historical Building is open for tours upon request. The building seats 240 and is available for rent for weddings or large meetings. For information, email lodihistoricalsociety.com

Officers for 2023  are: Jim Covert, president; Karel Titus, vice president; Dottie Traphagen, secretary; and Noel Clawson, treasurer. Trustees are  Rob Covert, Susan Hay, Sandy Jager, Linda Lucas, Chris Nagel, MIke Peckham, Sandy Pell, and Steven Wagner.

Jim Covert can be reached at rjcovert@sympatico.ca, or email lodihistoricalsociety2@gmail.com

Lodi Historical Society
8493 South Main Street, Lodi NY 14860